Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Health This Winter

With the guidance of Traditional Chinese Medicine


At this time of year in accordance with nature our digestive system slows down and needs extra support. In a season that is cold it is wise to eat warming foods that are easier to digest and soups accomplish this perfectly. Great ingredients for soups at this time of year include garlic, ginger and root vegetables.


One of the best ways we can affect our energy levels is through breath. Most of us tend not to breathe correctly which reduces our vitality. By becoming mindful of our breath and breathing into our abdomen our bodies are revitalised. We can also use our breath for relaxation. When we inhale through the nose to a count of 4 and out through the mouth to the count of 8 our parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated. This switches the body into repair and regeneration mode needed for healing.


We all know that drinking too much alcohol, tea and coffee is bad for us but the Chinese place as much emphasis on the temperature and timing of beverages as they do to the type of drink being consumed. Icy cold drinks are best avoided as they chill the digestive system inhibiting its function particularly at this time of year when our bodies are already cold. Drinks are best consumed in between meals so they do not dilute the digestive process.

How Can Acupuncture Improve Health and Wellbeing?

Acupuncture has long been used to relax the mind, body and soul. Stress or any strong emotion interrupts the flow of energy through the body. When this happens people can experience symptoms such as headaches, digestive problems, feeling wound up, being unable to relax and neck and shoulder pain.

Acupuncture can improve quality of sleep by relaxing the mind to resolve inner tension. Knowing the time of night that you have most difficulty sleeping can provide insight into the cause of the imbalance. For example according to TCM the liver is most active between 1am and 3am so difficulty sleeping at this time would indicate the need to rebalance the energy in the Liver.

Everyday stresses can build up and affect our daily mood. We may feel flat without knowing why. Many people report they feel more positive after treatment and they have more insight into the cause of their worries and the clarity to implement changes to improve their wellbeing.

Acupuncture can help to reduce fatigue. Over time lifestyle factors such as overwork, stress or pregnancy can leave us in a weakened state and with such a busy lifestyle it can be hard to give ourselves time to recover. The most common causes of tiredness are viewed as imbalances in the spleen, kidneys and lungs and treatment aims to replenish the energy in these organs


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