Bath Acupuncture – Testimonials

After the first treatment I was amazed at the difference – my face looked brighter, more ‘lifted’ and the lines around my eyes were much less visible.  Over the course of treatment friends and family commented on how ‘well’ I looked.  My Mum didn’t know that I had been having the cosmetic acupuncture and told me how youthful I looked.  My sleep also improved and I felt ‘brighter’ and more energised.  Stacey has a very warm and friendly manner – I always looked forward to my treatments with her.  She has a very professional manner and is obviously very passionate about what she does. Charlie Price, Therapist.


The first thing to say about having a treatment with Stacey is what an enjoyable experience it is. Stacey herself is bright, friendly, funny and refreshingly down to earth – much more on my wavelength than the rather “new age” experience I have sometimes had with alternative therapies in the past.
Having facial rejuvenation acupuncture combined the best aspects of a beauty treatment and therapeutic one. Stacey took time to understand my general health as well as what I wanted from facial acupuncture so I wasn’t getting a standard procedure but something unique to my needs and health benefits as well as cosmetic ones. The actual treatment was lovely.  I am quite used to having acupuncture so having needles inserted wasn’t new to me, there is obviously a bit of a pinch as they go in but I found myself beginning to relax from the first needle and by the time the last one was in I was already drifting off!  It was so relaxing that I slept peacefully until Stacey started to remove the needles and even dozed again during the facial massage that followed.
Stacey has helped me with other health issues in the past – she has definitely cured me of claustrophobia and helped a lot with anxiety and migraines.  After the facial rejuvenation I felt wonderfully relaxed, my skin felt gorgeous and looked more even to me, I also felt – and looked – as if I’d woken refreshed after a good nights sleep even though the whole experience had only lasted 90 minutes.   Clare Kaye, Partnership Director.


It turns out that Facial Acupuncture involves a lot more head-to-toe attention and care than I previously thought. I was surprised to discover the way to a more youthful “glowing fron within” face is achieved by harmonising the tensions in the body as well as the face!

One can approach it as a cosmetic treatment, but after a couple of sessions you will come to realise it is much more than that. For me, the delightful “side effects” of Facial Acupuncture include a much more positive outlook, better digestion, no more late-afternoon “energy dips” a real sense of equilibrium….. And constant compliments from people remarking how absolutely WELL I’m looking? And Stacey Beckitt is as talented, kind and wise a practitioner as you can get, whats not to like?  A Warner. Grosvenor Place, Bath.